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Adventures in Weightloss

Your Adventures in Weightloss plan is medically formulated and tailor-made

We have nutritionists, fitness experts and medical doctors as part of our team so we are 100% confident of the effectiveness of our program as its foundations are purely medical. Unlike most ‘fad diets’ which simply prescribe the same plan for everybody every one of our customised plans are as unique as your fingerprint as we know everybody’s body is different.

Our 3 phase plan will ensure you lose the weight and keep it off

Our program is formulated not just for rapid weight loss but also for sustainability. The coaches at Adventures in Weightloss will ensure that you continue looking good long after your adventure with us is complete by encouraging a positive emotional connection to your weight loss plan. Our team of consultants will be there to guide and support you through every step of your adventure so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the motivation and inspiration necessary to inspire your own weight loss into action!

Reach your goal while eating delicious scrumptious food

Adventures in Weightloss focuses on eating the right amount of healthy and essential foods for your body type. It’s not only about reaching your weight loss goal where you’ll reap the physical benefits but it’s also about energising your lifestyle and improving your vitality.

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